Episode 110

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14th Apr 2023

S4 EP110: Anna Cusack: Author "Mama, You're Not Broken" + Two Homebirths

Today’s episode features the two birth stories of author, podcast host, postpartum doula, and motherhood support mentor, Anna. 

After coming off the pill and recognising the inconsistency of her cycle, Anna began investigating what was going on. An unpleasant experience with a fertility specialist sent her on a path to find more holistic care, eventually aligning with a care provider who successfully guided her to conceive her first baby. 

When a midwife suggest she birth her baby at home, although hesitant at first, her curiosity was the catalyst for the deep dive into physiological birth that followed; enabling her to detach from any beliefs held from the stories passed down and reclaim her innate wisdom that she was built to birth her babies. Although her two homebirths progressed in a similar way, she takes us through their notable differences and what wisdom she gained from each experience. 

Anna’s initiation into motherhood inspired her to write her first book "Mama, You’re Not Broken" where she breaks the unspoken rule to stay silent about the swirling emotions of motherhood; sharing research and personal experiences that shed light on taboo feelings around modern day mothering.

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