Episode 112

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28th Apr 2023

S4 EP112: Laura Simpfendorfer: Pregnancy Loss/Healing pregnancy/Homebirth

On today’s show first-time mother, Laura, takes us through her journey to bring her son earthside.

A previous pregnancy loss led to understandable anxieties in her first trimester. It was at her 11 week scan that those fears were decimated when she saw her babies strong heartbeat for the first time. After years of suffering from mental health issues, she describes her pregnancy as being a healing journey that restored deep trust in her body and what it was capable of. 

Living a holistic lifestyle, Laura innately pulled away from the medical system, knowing that she wanted to birth her baby in a space that felt sacred to her… home. Although she dabbled with the idea of freebirthing, her acceptance into her local MGP program solidified her model of care choice. Due to short staff she was unable to meet her midwife until 35 weeks, receiving continuity of care mostly through her doula. 

Laura spent her pregnancy deeply educating herself on all aspects of physiological birth; knowledge that enabled her to stay grounded when they received differing advice from their midwife. Laura shares with us how her desire to freebirth almost manifested, and the shift in sensations as she emerged from transition and started bearing down.

Show Links: 

Mama: @laurasimp

Father: @finn_pfluger

Doula: @beforeandbeyond.birth

Meditation Instructor & Mentor: @barefootandthankful

Books: Ina May - Birth Matters

Rhea Dempsey - Birth With Confidence

Jane Hardwick Collings - Ten Moons

Gabrielle Nancarrow - The Birth Space

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