Episode 115

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19th May 2023

S4 EP115: Bronte Jenkins: Positive hospital birth + 4kg baby + Meconium stained waters

On today’s episode Civil Engineer and first-time mother, Bronte, shares her empowering drug-free hospital birth.

Prior to falling pregnant, Bronte always assumed she would be the person who wanted all the pain relief on offer. Once she began to read birth books and listen to positive birth stories her beliefs and preferences about birth completely shifted. Realising her body was built for this and endeavouring to achieve a natural physiological birth.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, Bronte was advised to head into hospital for light cramping. While there, she was told her light cramping were actually the beginnings of labour. Excited by this news she planned to stay for monitoring and then head home to labour in her own environment, but while walking back to the waiting room - her waters broke. As she glanced down she noticed that her waters were stained with meconium, flooding her with anxiety over the realisation that her water birth would no longer be an option. 

Bronte takes us through the empowering birth that unfolded, the difference in midwives after a shift change, and how despite under pressure she was able to advocate for herself and make informed decisions that helped her achieve the birth she desired.

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