Episode 126

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18th Aug 2023

S4 EP126: Lauren Bath: Australia's First Professional Instagramer: Traumatic Hospital Birth + Unplanned Homebirth/Posterior Baby

On today’s episode we dive into the contrasting birth experiences of Australia's first professional Instagramer, Lauren. After eight adventurous years traveling the globe as a dedicated travel influencer, Lauren's path led her to a profound new chapter: motherhood. Coming off a whirlwind of experiences, Lauren knew it was time to anchor herself and nurture a family of her own.

The radiance of Lauren's pregnancy journey painted a portrait of vitality and inner glow. While her husband's Zimbabwean heritage introduced her to the essence of natural birthing, she chose to further educate herself through a Hypnobirthing class.

Armed with knowledge and a steadfast vision for her birth outcome, Lauren's evolution from maiden to mother began to unfold. Faced with overwhelming fatigue after a 36-hour labour, she opted for much-needed respite through an epidural. A decision that brought a mix of relief at the time, but ultimately left her disempowered by how she was treated, with an undercurrent of heavy emotions like guilt and shame. 

With the elation of her next pregnancy also came the echoes of her prior birth experience. Toward the end of her pregnancy, her body began to show signs of burnout. Guided by an impactful energy work session, Lauren experienced a profound internal shift, renewing her connection with her inner self and baby, as she embraced the final stages of her pregnancy. Lauren's second labor experience mirrored the first in some ways. Yet this time, with a heart open and willingness to surrender, she embarked on a healing journey that led her to birth where her son knew she needed to be - at home.

With unguarded authenticity, Lauren takes us on an emotional journey through vulnerability, growth, and redemption. 

Show Notes: 

Instagram: @laurenepbath

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Birth Photographer: @rewildherbirth

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