Episode 133

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20th Oct 2023

S4 EP133: Brooke Turner: Functional Fitness for Pregnancy and Postpartum + Australian Fitness Educator of the Year

Today’s episode features Brooke Turner, the founder of Balance Fitness and Nutrition and the internationally recognised course, Functional Fitness for Pregnancy & PostPartum™. With over 15 years of expertise in the health and fitness industry, Brooke is a renowned figure, earning accolades such as the Australian Fitness Educator of the Year. Her qualifications in exercise science and nutrition, combined with her specialisation in functional training, nutrition, and mindset for pregnancy and motherhood, make her a leading expert in the field.

As a mother of three, Brooke's passion is to educate and empower women on the importance of safe, effective, and enjoyable exercise throughout pregnancy and motherhood. Having personally trained hundreds of women through singleton, twin, and quad pregnancies, as well as various motherhood journeys, Brooke understands the unique needs and challenges that women face during these transformative stages of life.

Tune in as Brooke shares her journey, insights, and mission to advocate for keeping women moving in a way that helps them thrive. 

Show Notes:

Instagram: @brooke.turner._

Facebook link HERE.

Programs for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Download the Balance by Brooke app to access Brooke’s 12 week Exercise for Pregnancy Program that is perfect for any stage of your pregnancy, or her 8 week REBUILD program. Designed to rebuild from the inside out, get a more functional pelvic floor and stronger core to support your return to exercise journey.

App launching Wednesday 1st November. Sign up for exclusive access HERE

Can’t wait until November? Download Brooke’s Exercise & Nutrition for Pregnancy, or Return to Exercise & Nutrition for Postnatal Recovery ebooks HERE. Use code FITBUMP for 15% off.


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