Episode 136

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17th Nov 2023

S4 EP136: Emma Maidment: Second Homebirth + 29 Hour Labour

Today we warmly welcome back Emma to the podcast sharing her most recent birth. Emma’s first birth can only be described as a dream unfolding, one you can hear in detail over on episode #102. While Emma maintained the awareness that each birth is a unique journey, as she approached her second birthing experience, there was a natural sense of anticipation that it might progress more quickly. However, this labour would unfold over a span of 29 hours..

Emma guides us through the series of events that triggered enough disruption for her body to react in its innate protective manner. Recognising the impact of these subtle yet profound interruptions on her labor and observing a slowing of surges when she felt ready to push, Emma drew upon the wisdom accumulated over her years as a wellness expert, skilfully realigning herself and making the necessary adjustments to her environment so her birth could unfold undisturbed.

Today's story stands as a testament to our biology and the instinctual response of our bodies, highlighting Emma's extraordinary strength and wisdom. Wisdom that enabled her to maintain trust and reclaim control over her space, creating the environment she needed to guide her son home on the 29th hour, by the fire and witnessed by her firstborn.

Show Notes:

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Emma's first birth story HERE.

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